Project Overview

Simply Automated was asked by the client to take this project over from the original integrator.  The house had an element of Control4 Automation existing but the client was ready for some changes.  SA was tasked to retrofit a two piece projection system into a multi-purpose basement as well as audio and HD video distribution to the new bar and billiards room.  Additionally, the client wanted to install lighting control throughout the house and integrate all of the video on a matrix switch.

We were working with two small racks in separate locations of the house.  We were able to consolidate most of the equipment and relocate it and the wiring to an unfinished storage room in the basement.  We installed a 44 space middle atlantic rack to accommodate all of the equipment.

The Media room was fitted with a 120" Black Diamond screen and a Wolf SDC10 Projector.  We chose Paradigm in-wall speakers and painted them to match the walls.  The bar received a pair of Paradigm in-ceilings and a samsung LED.  The billiards room received two pair of in-ceiling Paradigm speakers and two Samsung LED TV's in opposite corners of the room

The project turned out great and since completion the client has had us back for a number of updates and most recently to provide them with security and monitoring.

Project Details

Complete retofit and integration with existing system

Screen Innnovations Black Diamond Zero Edge Screen

Wof Cinema SDC10 Projector

Marantz Surround Sound Receiver

Rack and Equipment by Middle Atlantic

IP Power Mnagement by Wattbox

Luxul Network with multiple WAP's

Full Control4 Lighting Control

Control4 integration of Audio Distribution, Security and Video

HDMI Video Matrix by AVocation